Ben Craven and The Section Live! the Video

I’m delighted to be able to release the full video of the Ben Craven and The Section YMP event. There’s brilliant prog rock, lots of chat and some fun moments to enjoy.

Many thanks to Ben for all the editing – and to the whole band for their generosity. Enjoy!


Episode 54 – Your Dream Virtual Yes Concert

The fifty-fourth episode of the Yes Music Podcast featuring your suggested YouTube videos of the band.

Listen and then play the video below or watch on the YMP YouTube channel.

  • Is your choice included?
  • What would it be like to travel through time and space to these concerts?
  • Which version of the band is your favourite live?

If you can’t see the playlist, watch here.

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Episode 44 – Your Dream Virtual Yes Concert

What is your favourite Yes YouTube clip? Let us know by filling in the form below. I will then feature your choice in a YouTube playlist and mention it in a forthcoming episode of the podcast.

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