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Dave Kerzner talks about Yesterday and Today – 361

Yesterday and Today
Yesterday and Today

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

This week Mark and I speak at length and in depth to Dave Kerzner all about his Yes 50th Tribute Album Yesterday and Today which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago. Do listen right to the end of the interview because Dave also shares a tiny snippet of his forthcoming album which features, amongst many others, Jon Davison on lead vocals – and bass? Dave tells us about the remarkable concept for the new album and the story which underpins it – it’s fascinating stuff.

  • Why did Dave choose these Yes songs?
  • Who was he unable to persuade to take part?
  • What’s Dave new album all about?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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