Release, Release Day! (Yes album and my book) with Simon Barrow – 582

Produced by Joseph Cottrell, Ken Fuller, Wayne Hall and Jeffrey Crecelius

A momentous week in a number of ways. There have been so many positive reactions to the new Yes album Mirror to the Stars and it’s even doing really well in the charts. You’ll know from our reviews that Mark and I are very impressed with the record and we invited Simon Barrow to discuss it with us – listen out for that in a few minutes’ time. We also took the opportunity to share some thoughts about the other release sharing today’s date, Yes The Tormato Story by me.

Despite the paper book being literally in my hands, the internet marketplaces seem to take some time to catch up. So you might find that the book doesn’t turn up in your local internet supplier immediately. However, if you have pre-ordered via the fabulous Burning Shed, I know they have boxes of books in their warehouse and will be sending them out without delay. So it won’t be long now, I hope.

Let us know what you think of the album and the book once you receive either – or preferably both.

See if you agree or disagree with what’s said and let us know by leaving a comment on the show notes for this episode.

  • What do we think of the album now we have heard it a number of times?
  • Is that book *finally* available?
  • Rejoice!

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13 replies on “Release, Release Day! (Yes album and my book) with Simon Barrow – 582”

I did the same thing I did with THE QUEST, which was to order the artbook edition from Burning Shed in the U.K., and the three-disc version in a slip-case from Japan. I love having that format on my shelf with the rest of my Yes CDs, but the artbooks for these two albums should also look great together with my various boxed sets. Now it’s just a question of which version reaches me in Minnesota first (tracking suggests that the Japan edition has the edge in their race at the moment).

It’s early days (THE DAY) of release and I think it’s going to be a journey for me (Mirror To The Sky); I love the direction in general but after listening a couple times, I cannot escape the increasingly peculiar absence it would seem (I will listen further of course), of Geoff Downes. I am NOT a critic of the changing lineup per se, however if Rick Wakeman were in the band right now with this kind of limited input/limited obvious time on the album, I’d be asking the same question – what’s going on? No matter who has been in the group, the long tradition is the virtuosity of each musician on display (in conjunction with their bandmates) within the band. One gets the feeling that Downes would rather not make his presence known other than adding atmosphere in areas; which overall is kind of a shame; TO that long tradition of musicanship on display and overall sound of the band where keyboards were one of the touchtones. In one respect, I like the orchestra on the new album, and if Howe was determined to have it, which MAY have diminished Downes’ involvement then much respect for Geoff for stepping into the shadows to allow for this. However as we know when YES did not have a keyboardist for Magnification, they utilised an orchestra in place of the ‘lost’ keyboard involvement: Is Geoff’s lack of wanting to be more out front/forethright in the music forcing Howe’s hand with the orchestra? I mean these are parts where Downe’s or A keyboardist in YES could be making their mark. I’m willing to go along with the new direction of the band (and indeed it’s getting better and better), but will it be at the sacrifice of any prominant hallmark keyboard sound in the band? I find it odd. Downe’s was way more prominant on ASIA’s first album, why is he so relectant now?

I am looking forward to receiving both copies, Yes’ Mirror to the Sky, and Kevin’s Yes The Tormato Story. Nothing much more so say yet, other than I’m here to show some signs of appreciated loyalties!

Liking the new album a lot. Is it my imagination or is the ending to the title track a little nod to Chris Squire? Compare and contrast the ending to Mirror to the Stars and the ending to Squire’s Cannon Song (from Fish out of Water).

Interesting. Oh no, another lawsuit?! Of course not! Chris is, no doubt, delighted in his legacy inherited by Billy.
This album gets better with each listen. It has Yessy depth.

A pleasure to join you for convivial conversation, as ever – especially on the auspicious ‘release, release’ day of both an engaging new Yes album and Kevin’s absorbing book on an overlooked corner of the Yes music emporium. My apologies for the terrible sound on my link, however. I was travelling, and the only quiet place I could find in my shared accommodation was (shall we say, politely) a rather small, dark and confined space with a bad echo. I’ll leave that to your imagination, dear listeners. Let’s just say that it’s the most curious location I have ever recorded from! Some amusement resulted, but Kevin and Mark were as gracious and professional as ever, and we got the job done…

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