Old ABWH and the new Yes video – 618

Produced by Joseph Cottrell, Jeffrey Crecelius and Ken Fuller

Mark and I had a fun time this week re-watching the ABWH Brother of Mine video and the new Mirror to the Sky one. Listen out for our thoughts in a few minutes’ time and see if you can count how many times I call the song Long Lost Brother of Mine by mistake. Also, do check out the show notes below before or during listening to Mark and me banging on because I’ve added lots of screenshots from the videos that we refer to in the conversation. You can also watch both videos as well without having to do that dreary web searching thing – it’s just one of the services we offer to listeners.

  • Are there any similarities between these two videos?
  • How are videos used to help promote songs, today and in 1989?
  • Are lyric videos any good?

Let us know if you agree with us!

Photo from the back of the Brother of Mine 7 inch single:

Screenshots from the Brother of Mine video:

Screenshots from the Mirror to the Sky video:

(Plus one from Astral Traveller and one from Brother of Mine)

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7 replies on “Old ABWH and the new Yes video – 618”

I watched MTV Europe a LOT in those days, and ABWH got 0 rotation for any of their videos. MTV did however do a rockumentary on Yes when Union happened. And I remember Steve Blame announcing on MTN News, as their headline, that Yes was back together as Union. I still remember when that happened. My jaw dropped.

I think it’s safe to say that the Brother of Mine video would have gotten a lot of attention if it was released today. There would be tons of accusation of cultural appropriation, complains about not using genuine First Nation peopled (aboriginal is no longer PC, I’m afraid) and then tehre would be those who would demand that ABWH withdraw their video for using sacred elements or something to that effect (just ask Greta van Fleet).

I liked the video, and I also have the In he Big Dream video. It’s pretty funny, especially Rick and Bill (of course). It was also he first time I heard Heart of the Sunrise, and that live version is still my favourite version of that song.

It’s funny that you mention the Y at the start of the video. Another fun thing was the TV and radio spots at the time, promoting both the album and tours. They often used the sentence: “Yes, it’s Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe!” And: “Their masterful debut album takes them even closer ot the edge!”

I know Bill Bruford says he didn’t want to join Yes again. He thought ABWH was going be a new band. “And I wanted the new band to be called something like… the Frogs…or…the Devils!” Hilarious, but I’m not quite sure I believe ABWH’s claims that they didn’t want to be Yes 🙂

Steven Wilson made an interesting comment on the most recent episode of The Album Years podcast with Tim Bowness (#36) related to the ABWH time period. If I understood Steven correctly, he has not paid attention to any new Yes material since Big Generator.


I meant to comment on last week’s regarding Robert Fripp’s “Exposure” LP. It is excellent .If I remember correctly Darryl Hall was also on it . The title track is his version of Peter Gabriel’s song which is on PG’s second solo album. At the time Fripp and Gabriel were working together. I remember seeing mr Fripp on PG’s early tours playing but slightly off stage sitting on a stool.
I’ve not seen any of the videos discussed this week but as ever it was a a most interesting listen. Thank you both

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