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New music – WOW!

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Yes surprise us again with OW and BD giving a fabulous performance. Great to hear CS again. Shockingly good new old Yes music. Happy days.

Wow is right, I could not have predicted this! I already like this better than anything on Heaven and Earth (with the possible exception of Subway Walls). Can’t wait to receive my copy to check out the rest!

One listen through to the abbreviated version of the song and have to say was quite impressed

Benoit’s vocals a joy to hear as is that bass of Mr CS
Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks

How could this not get on H&E surprises me.

Maybe certain members voted it down in preference to their work

This track was part of the sessions by the ‘In the Present’ lineup for the album that turned into Fly From Here when Trevor Horn got more involved ie beyond recording the original track “fly from here”. Quite a different lineup to Heaven and Earth.

Very cool. The vibe reminds me of Big Generator and Union at times. It’s really cool to hear a new/old tune with this lineup. I saw them at the Chicago Theater in 2008 and it was fantastic.

Wow indeed. Good work Oliver. “To the Moment” is a very very catchy tune. Well recorded (by Tim Weidner?), very Yes-ish, and a terrific mix. Having not heard anything (at all) about this via the grapevine I’m totally stunned…. and hugely thankful. Looking fwd to hearing what Oliver has to say on YMP and also looking fwd to hearing the other tracks plus the long version of TtM. Anxiously awaiting delivery from Burning Shed.

I’ve never seen the version of Yes with Jon Davison, but if Oliver ever rejoins them I would gladly go see them.

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