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Live, virtual Ben Craven concert a first for Prog Rock?

Prog rock hero, Yes fan and Yes Music Podcast listener, Ben Craven
Prog rock hero, Yes fan and Yes Music Podcast listener, Ben Craven

Ben Craven and the Section in association with the Yes Music Podcast are planning what we think is the first ever live, Progressive Rock session to be broadcast live on the web via You Tube Hangouts On Air.

The event takes place this Saturday, 11th May 2013, at 2.00pm UTC.

An unlimited number of prog fans can watch on the Yes Music Podcast YouTube Channel as the top Aussie outfit play live from their studio in Brisbane.

The session is also being recorded in full-quality audio to be released as an episode of the Yes Music Podcast shortly after the event.

A small number of fans can also join the Google Hangout – if you’d like to do that, please drop a line to:


Join us for the prog rock event of the decade!

Assuming the technology doesn’t fail us, why not tune in on Saturday and witness the dawn of a new, virtual era for progressive rock? We’d love to see you there!

To get you in the mood for this fantastic event, here’s Ben Craven’s latest album:


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