It’s YMP’s birthday!

YMP began six years ago today! Thank you to everyone who has commented, sent items or audio or got involved in any way.

Special thanks to Mark and all Patrons!


7 replies on “It’s YMP’s birthday!”

Its been a great 6 years here is to 6 more or hey who knows could be more all the best to you and to Mark!

Especially the patrons! Thanks for getting the greatest podcast about the world’s greatest progressive rock band going for the one, Kevin!

The problem with reaching a certain age is six years just flies by. For comparison, just look at what Yes achieved within six years of The Yes Album. Six years of YMP is pretty amazing all the same. Congrats Kevin (and latterly Mark, though no doubt you’ll tell me it’s been Kevin & Mark since 2013!)
Time flies, on and on it goes…

A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY… thank you to everyone involved with keeping this fun informative way we get our Yes fix each week.
With 50 years of Yes music and an amazing year ahead to come, there will indeed be much to talk about.

All the best.
David Watkinson

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