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Interview Special – John Holden’s New Album, Capture Light – 326

Capture Light by John Holden
Capture Light by John Holden

John Holden has created a wonderful album for his debut release, featuring, amongst many other excellent musicians, Billy Sherwood, Oliver Wakeman and Oliver Day. I spoke to John about his inspiration for the music as well as how he put it together – in musical as well as technical terms.

It’s a great conversation and there are extracts from the album interspersed to whet your appetite!

Find out more about John and his wonderful music here –

4 replies on “Interview Special – John Holden’s New Album, Capture Light – 326”

Nice from what I’ve heard of this music it is pure joy.
Very nice and very intresting story of all the help you received very cool
I’ll be adding this to my music repertoire for sure!
Thanks for sharing

Excellent interview and fascinating too. Loved some of the music and even more the account of how John did it with all of those musicians. I’ll definitely be checking out the album on his site.

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