Illustrator and Yes collaborator Jeff Cummins – 602

Produced by Joseph Cottrell, Jeffrey Crecelius and Ken Fuller

We had yet another lovely conversation with a relatively unsung hero of the Yes story this week. As you’ll hear, you have probably seen Jeff Cumins’ work, even if you don’t realise it. He has a long and distinguished career as an artist and illustrator and revealed fascinating insights that neither Mark nor I had heard before. I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking to him. Do check out the images in this week’s shownotes to see why were so pleased to be able to speak to Jeff.

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  • Which items across Yes history was Jeff involved in?
  • WHo did he meet first?
  • Was this a dream come true?

Let us know if you agree with us!

A selection of Jeff’s Yes-related work:

See much more on Jeff’s website:

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4 replies on “Illustrator and Yes collaborator Jeff Cummins – 602”

Yet another banging episode. As I listen to them several days after release I don’t often get the chance to comment before you’ve moved on to the next. However I listened to this one earlier than usual. How interesting and how do you keep finding these fascinating people.

The previous several episodes were also really top quality.Trevor Rabin was onto form and so into it. Also I love hearing Mark geeking out about guitars. The TFTO series always top value even though Mark doesn’t re,member The Remembering! I love that song, for quite a while it was my favourite of the four. I do agree with M-A about Steve’s playing on The Ancient, truly dreadful.
Fabulous achievement on putting out over 600 episodes quality as well as quantity!

Another fantastic, friendly, informative episode. It’s thrilling when my passions overlap. I already knew Jeff’s name from Doctor Who book covers from the late seventies onwards, but his Yes connection hadn’t sunk in.
Another reason I loved this episode is that despite thinking that as another Brit of a certain age, I had more cultural overlap with Kevin than Mark, it’s the other way round!
I had suspected Mark might know one end of a sonic screwdriver from the other having seen a TARDIS on his baseball cap on a screen grab a few years ago, but to hear him rattle out the names of all these beloved Doctor Who novelisations of my youth made me grin.
I think that being a Yes fan is a lot like following Doctor Who. They keep carrying on and reinventing themselves, often with different faces. None of the original creators are involved any more. The essence persists independently of the personnel. The fans have a legitimate claim of ownership.
(Also you can hear a Rutan in the middle of “Endless Dream”. Go and listen if you don’t believe me, Mark)

Didn’t realize Mark was another fellow Doctor Who fan! My favorite Classic Doctor is Jon Pertwee, unless we count Paul McGann as Classic, which I personally don’t even if the licensing does. He feels more like his own thing between Classic Who and Nu Who. My favorite Nu Who Doctor is Peter Capaldi, but for favorite of all, I go back and forth between Capaldi and McGann. Also quite a coincidence that a Doctor Who audio titled The Union should come out on Jon Anderson’s birthday. Haha

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