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Holographic Two Pence and 300th Episode Competition! – 295

I’m on holiday – again – this time to celebrate my son Edward getting into the university of his choice. So here’s Preston Frasier, Mark and I discussing the recent 50th Anniversary pronouncement from Jon Anderson.

Also, we have a copy of Steve Howe’s new Anthology 2 to give away thanks to Preston’s generosity as part of the YMP 300th episode celebrations. All the details are in the episode. Thanks Preston!

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Hi guys, well my opinion is quite different than that of most on the YMP.

In my view, the current “YES” with Steve Howe should be re-named “The Steve Howe Band”. From the Union line-up, there’s only Steve and Alan left in that version of YES.

However, ARW has THREE Union line-up members and all THREE have been inducted into the RRHOF as members of YES. And just a further little detail that constantly gets over-looked….JON ANDERSON is the co-founder of YES, the voice of YES, the author of a very large portion of the YES catalogue and despite the critics, he is the soul of true YES music.

I will go see both outfits this summer (5 concerts total), but in my heart, I know that the real YES is ARW. Nothing to me can replace Jon Anderson as the front man. I have seen YES 79 times.

Greetings Michel,
Good to hear from you. Well you make some interesting points. But I really don’t get that feeling that it’s the Steve Howe show. Everyone is featured very well live..everyone is upfront on stage and in the mix. The same can’t be said for ARW…who barely mention Lou or Lee….both are tucked away in the back…in fact until they play “The Fish”..Lee doesn’t get near the front of the stage physically or in the mix.
But like you. ..i will be seeing both versions live very soon…so I’ll see if my opinion changes.

I couldn’t disagree more because…reasons. ;-). ( I’m tired of talking about it essentially)

But seriously, I do hear your arguments and wish that I wasn’t so turned off by the whole ARW thing. I really do. I sometimes feel like I’m missing out on something that I should be really enjoying, since my love of the band goes back to 71. I did go see them last year, and had a lot of fun, but, at no time did I feel like I was at a Yes concert, and since this was PRE- name change when I saw them, perhaps I can get a little forgiveness for taking some offense at the fully uncalled for band name change. I wish them well
I look deeply forward to the legitimization which MAY come with the Advent of an album for the Canon which might turn their two non-alumni into actual members of Yes. I fully understand all sides of this unfortunate logistical problem, and hold no grievance for any fellow Yes fan whether they deem one, both, or even none as the band Yes. Peace to you.

P.S. I went to Yestival last night, and first of all…!!! While Steve is an integral member of Yes, so are Billy, Jon, Geoff, Alan, and now Dylan. I don’t know the origen or intent of the “Steve Howe show” comments. If anything, I thought Billy, Jon and Geoff we’re doing the bulk of any “directing”, ” correcting”, or in general moving things along. Sorry. I just don’t get, and really haven’t heard any Howe complaints from either direct observation, nor from my circle of Yes friends.

Oh…. One last thing…. Holograhic Yes? No thanks. Hmm, well, with one exception. I could accept Chris being hologram into ONE single Yes song as a tribute to him, as a part of an otherwise Hologram free set by Yes, or as a variant, a single song hologram of Peter joining the band for a single song by ARW as a tribute in an otherwise Hologram free set. Apart from that, I’d like two quite distinct and separate Yes ARW projects and tours. It would be cool however if Patrick, Igor, or Tom did a tour with Yes, or perhaps Oliver or Tony or Bill doing a tour with Are for the 50th.

Any Yes “unions” would be best in the studio. I always hope that whenever Yes makes an album, all living alumni should be invited to come to the studio to contribute to composition, recording, etc. If the desire to contribute or have any ideas to bring. Even now, with the current ARW controversy, this could theoretically work. Fans would get a single Yes album which wild be available for touring purposes to either oufit, so long as a member or two from each group participated in the recoded music. This way we don’t have competing “Yes” albums, even if the touring bands decided to remain separate.

Exactly, Steve! Could not agree more about Yes on the Holodeck! As to the album idea, I have to think about it, but while it would be great to have some kind of united Yes for the 50th, I don’t think it will happen. But this is Yes and stranger things have occurred with them!

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