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Happy Christmas one and all!

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Merry Christmas one and all. It is that time of the year when I happily once again play Jon Anderson’s wonderful 3 ships…. reluctantly play Chris Squire’s Swiss…Choir…but it is actually not that bad in places and you do get Run with the Fox. But my greatest joy is to play an album by my favourite artist of all time …a Nobel Prize winner…a giant of music..the artist I have seen 56 times in concert over the last 5 decades…Mr Bob Dylan…the album… “Christmas in the Heart”…wow it certainly is something ..but all profits go to charity…when my daughter was little she loved this record… she shouts ” Dad… turn that cr#p off !!!” ….She may have a point. …However I challenge anyone not to enjoy the best track on the album ” Must Be Santa”…the video featuring Dylan wearing a Santa hat and bizarre long haired wig plus drunkeness and fighting must be similar to most folks Christmas Day.

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