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Fly From Here – Return Trip – Initial Reactions – 323

Fly From Here - Return Trip
Fly From Here – Return Trip

In an extra episode, I was joined by Mark in Canada and Geoff Bailie in Northern Ireland to share our collective first impressions of the Trevor Horn re-working of Fly From Here.

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The Drama Line Up
The Drama Line Up


10 replies on “Fly From Here – Return Trip – Initial Reactions – 323”

Nice approach guys to prefix the review with a look at the original. I for one am with looking forward to hearing the new version (on iTunes music a possibility-anyone know?). That said, I do love the original. The reference to Benoit David’s work on Mystery is a queue for all to go hear his work on several really great Rabin/YES like albums! Those albums are titled: “The World is a Game”, “One Among the Living”, and “Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face” (My FAV). There is also a live album called “Tales from the Netherlands” with him on it. Shame he is no longer with them or active from what I can discern. Ironically when he left Mystery HE was replaced with a pretty convincing sound-a-like!

Nice insight for sure I like Kevin’s stance about liking both
I really enjoyed the album that was put out in 2011 to me it was the Drama part 2 however I believe that Trevor Horn is and always will be a major deal for Yes and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all.
I look forward to the CD and the Vinyl and I’m sure it is as described.

Great job on the review gentleman

Thanks! Kevin took host’s privilege to not really answer his question :-). I’d take them both too!!!!

I personally can’t chose which version I prefer, I love them both. My preference vocal-wise, though, is for Benoit. Trevor as a singer, and he has said so himself, is limited. Now, just based on the music, I prefer the new release due to the added playing here and there, which strengthens the songs. But as a Yes fan of 48 years I will buy all versions available, to go along with the digital version I received 2 weeks ago from one of my Yes friends. I talked to everyone on the cruise about the new version except Steve, and they were all very happy with the result. And old friend Roger Dean told me when the original came out 7 years ago that his preference was that the cover on the new version be the cover of the original release, but that the record company & some of the band disagreed. So now Roger has his cover!

Am I the only one of this parish never to have heard Fly From Here? I have to say I look forward to hearing it based on your discussion. I hope it is a Drama 2.

I really enjoyed your chat about it, especially when Kevin pulled a fast one and moved the goalposts when choosing a favourite version. Still, it’s his prerogative as it’s his podcast!

As a side note, you didn’t say how it was that Geoff Bailie got to hear the new version. I think you should get him on again as he had a lot to bring to the discussion. How come you’ve not had him on the show before?

Doesn’t the video version of “We Can Fly” show the plane crashing down towards a loch? Wouldn’t the sonar ping denote trying to locate the missing plane? Just my take on it.

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