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Episode 192 – Rick Wakeman Review and a Message

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A brief message about episode 200 of the YMP as well as a review by Mark Anthony K of The Living Tree by Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson.

  • How shall we celebrate episode 200?
  • What does Mark think of the latest Wakeman/Anderson collaboration?

Listen to the episode and then let me know what you think!


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7 replies on “Episode 192 – Rick Wakeman Review and a Message”

How about a history tree of sorts of your Pod cast I think that would be amazing …
or you could start to spotlight each and every member who has ever played in Yes..
I’m sure what ever you decide will be great ..


Paul Tomei

Hi Kevin. As regards the 200th show, it would be great to try and get an interview with Billy Sherwood. He’s pretty active on social media so may be up for connecting with fans. Do you follow him on Facebook? Comes across as a very decent guy. Anyhow, might be worth trying, best wishes, Peter T

Hi Kevin.

Not sure what happened, but my comment either didn’t make it, or has gone missing. No biggy. It wasn’t profound. I just essentially liked both Peter and Twodoggs ideas for the 200th episode, particularly the idea of perhaps attempting to land a Billy Sherwood interview. I was also curious if you were aware of Henry Potts, and if so, whether or not you had ever spoken with him, or know how to, or were interested. The reasoning was just that at his site he seems to have a very detained history of the Yes members and their various projects culled from all over the place. I thought he may or may not make for an interesting guest some time. I also thought that a live 200th with pretty much any Yes member, or Yes scholar, or even yourself with a phone in Q&A about the band or some such thing might be fun, but probably equipment intensive. And bottom line is, I wanted to congratulate you for coming up on 200 episodes, not matter what you decide to do, and that I’m sure it will be awesome.

Best wishes,


Mmmmm good ideas, Steve! I haven’t contacted Henry so maybe that’s something I should do anyway. Thanks!

Hi Kevin,
This is not related to Yes (directly anyway), and probably too late, but do yourself a favor and go to see my favorite band, Flying Colors. They are playing a venue in London’s Shepherd Bush. Google them if you’d like
Bob Burns

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