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Episode 185 – Chris Squire Tributes

Fish Out Of Water, Chris Squire

Many people have made tributes to the legacy of the legend, Chris Squire. Here are some of the most important and most affecting.


10 replies on “Episode 185 – Chris Squire Tributes”

Thank you for this tribute Kevin. It was a hard podcast to hear. But a necessary one as well. Like a series of eulogies at the funeral of a beloved friend or family member. Hearing so many lovely things from so many diverse people speaks volumes on just how much impact one life can have. It’s a chance to just listen, remember, and properly grieve.

Thanks, Kevin, for collecting these together in one place. I found it very moving to hear so many people paying tribute to such a great musician.Whilst the episode was naturally very sad, I also found it very uplifting to hear just how widespread his his music and his musical influence is and will continue to be.

Thanks Tim. Yes the response to Chris’ passing was amazing. The mark of someone who has touched so many lives.

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