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Professor Ronnie Mulryne
Professor Ronnie Mulryne

Sadly, my father passed away in the early hours of Monday morning so I’ve been engaged in all the practical arrangements, as you can imagine.

Mark and I will try to record a short 2 Pence for this week’s episode and I hope to be back to normal on the show from next week.

The wonderful portrait above of my dad in his study was taken by my son, William, just a short time ago.

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Kevin, im so so sorry for your loss , i have nothing but the most heartfelt empathy with mine now in a nurseinghome with dementia, at 89 , onthe 25 th , ( 1930) the 15 th child to two italiaian born imigrants that came here in19 13 with 2 , . If theres anything i can do to help mark or the show dont hesitate, god bless and know your in myprayers.

Oh no. Kevin I’ll be thinking of you and your family.

It’s a splendid picture of your dad you’ve posted here. I love this kind of ‘environmental portrait’. He looks so content to be surrounded by a room full of books. I’m supposing he was a very cultured man given the little pieces of information you’ve given out about your background. I see that he had a professorship too which you’ve not mentioned before. Was that at Edinburgh? I’m supposing from the large book opened in the foreground that his subject was either art, history or architecture. Probably all three.

Please tell us more about him when and if you feel it to be appropriate.


So sorry for your loss, Kevin. What a wonderful photo. (I’ve been listening to your father’s fascinating talk ‘The Emperor’s Two Bodies’, from 2015. I realise that I almost met him once – at a conference in 2016.) Warmest wishes to you and your family at this difficult time.

So sorry to read this Keven. Iā€™m sure you will think of your father everyday and smile at the good times.

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