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Yes singles part 14 – Union – 333

Union - 8 Yes Men in harmony?
Union – 8 Yes Men in harmony?

Produced by Robert Nasir, Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

What was going on with Union? It’s a question which has baffled fans and riled members of the band ever since the record was released. This week, we take a look at the singles from Union and talk a bit about the politics as well. There’s also a contentious 2 pence about the forthcoming Steven Wilson mixes box set so get your commenting fingers ready!

  • Who is playing what on this album?
  • Does anyone know?
  • Does anyone care?

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18 replies on “Yes singles part 14 – Union – 333”

I guess we’ll never know but IMHO there is no way that Jon Anderson would have chosen any songs he didn’t sing on for the so-called 50th anniversary collection.

I seem to be missing something here about the source of the suggestion – or is it really more than that – that the Warner 50th anniversary CD set ‘curated by Jon Anderson’ has been shelved. Has the announcement of this release been officially reversed somewhere? If so I cannot see any logic in the notion that the 6LP vinyl release is an alternative to this as they are such totally different products. Far more likely that someone jumped the gun and a legal wrangle has blocked it. The idea of Jon Anderson being able to compile a true 50th anniversary compilation and present it as a Yes official release was stretching credibility to the extreme. As for speculating about the content, there is no way that a truly representative selection spanning 50 years could have been made to fit on two CD’s in an any case! Most likely it would have been a greatest hits style selection mostly drawn from the classic albums and would offer nothing new apart from the packaging, probably appearing on the shelves of Tesco et al. The Steven Wilson vinyl set on the other hand will still offer nothing new in terms of audio experience but will be a beautiful artefact in its own right. Alternatives? Hardly!

Hi Tim,

Well..I’ll keep this short. Like I said in the 2 pence segment. ..I have a feeling “legal issues” have prevented the release of the Jon Anderson curated 50th anniversary best of album. I just get this feeling that the idea of Jon fidling with material he was not involved with was enough to make a few people’s skin crawl.
And as far as the idea that “he wouldn’t get involved with those album…like Drama for example” …well then it can’t be a true 50th anniversary best of can it?

Mark Anthony K

Hi Tim and thanks for the message. The idea that the anniversary collection had been shelved came from someone on social media – maybe Brian Neeson. There’s not been any official word as yet, as far as I know. The whole point of the 2 pence segment is to have a bit of fun speculating about Yes things and to encourage others to get involved as well so I’m delighted you have posted.

Your points about the two packages not really being alternatives is an excellent one. I will end up buying the one which does come out or both if they both do – and I would love it if they were both released. I would be absolutely fascinated to see what Jon picked and the format of the package.

Hooray for YES50 in all its guises!!

Hi guys – a great show as ever.

Union singles… well memory of the time is that those weren’t exactly in the charts or on the radio, so pretty pointless. But I do remember the excitement of having “America” on CD for the first time on the CD single! I do like the vocal intro to the video version of Lift Me Up. Saving My Heart… the less said…

The Wilson Vinyl – I cant really comment objectively – I have a turntable and have vinyl but it’s not my format of choice. So I would only be interested in the pictures… and to be honest I am much more interested in music!

The compilation… well I would say I will be very surprised if the people who own the copyright of the core Yes catalogue don’t put anything out this year… but if it’s the usual stuff, so be it. What I would be disappointed about much more is if the version of “Go Through This” that Trevor Horn said he recorded vocals to for this compilation does not appear in any form.

Wow great show gentleman as always. I have to say I dont believe that the 6 album SW mix is a money grab however I did pre order my copy of this because I’m a Yes fan and of course a full blown have to have it on Vinyl. So that being said I would have enjoyed Jon’s version of what his 50 years would have sounded like but believe he has to be pretty pleased with the 6 albums that have been chosen. I believe this is pretty strong of Jon’s best Yes work to say the least.

Hi Paul,
Nice to hear from you and nicely said. I agree…it’s not a cash grab…it’s just another product available to Yes fans…who have the option of either buying it or not.
I most likely will buy it as I’m a fan of both Steven Wilson and the vinyl format….and the music of course but should go without saying.

Thanks Paul. Glad to see you have pre-ordered what I think will be an excellent package. I will definitely also be getting one!

You say in this podcast that Lift me Up was a CD single only in Europe, and that the 12″ was only released in the US. Or did I misunderstand what you said? Here in Norway, both the 7″ vinyl and 12″ maxi single were readily available. I bought both. I never saw Saving my Heart in any shape or form, though.

Thanks for that, Hogne – it’s great to hear from people who actually have the items we are talking about!

All of this singles chat I suppose is interesting only to Yes completists.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has heard any Yes singles played on the radio. In my whole life, I’ve heard only three; Wondrous Stories, Don’t Kill the Whale and Owner of a Lonely Heart!

Guilty as charged, Jeremy… I’d like to add to that list of yours…but I can’t 🙁

Thanks Kevin for the acknowledgement. While I’m not interested in the minutiae of the singles thing, I do appreciate that it may be a valuable asset to some of your listeners and even more importantly it helps you to keep the episodes coming.
By the way, I love the way you keep going with the Paul Simon “America” in-joke.

Greetings Jeremy,
How are you my friend? Hope you are doing well. To be honest. .I’ve heard Owner of a Lonely Heart and The Rhythm of Love numerous times on radio here in Toronto. But it only seems to be those 2 singles they mainly play.

Greetings to you too Mark buddy. Did you hear them when they were newly released or just on some retro radio station playing oldies? ‘Owner’ gets played a lot here on oldies stations but none of the others, not even Wondrous Stories.
This will make you smile Mark, My son bought a car last week and I had a double take when I saw the registration number which ends with the letters MAK!

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