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Yes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees 2017! 261

Produced by Preston Frazier, David Gordon, Bill Govier, Wayne Hall and Michel Arsenault.

Mark and I have our 2 pence on two subjects this week – Yes being inducted – finally – into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the demise of Prog magazine. Mark also finishes off his review of Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir by featuring Run with the Fox.

  • Should we rejoice now that Yes will be inducted in 2017?
  • How have fans and the band reacted?
  • Why has Prog magazine gone bust?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

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18 replies on “Yes Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees 2017! 261”

Run with the fox and Greg Lake’s single, are Christmas all in one. Both 10 out of 10. Don’t forget the CS & AW single had a picture cover also.

Yes I hope will do the right thing re the RARHOF. That is to turn up, be professional about it (as always). They should have fun, and all do it for Chris, Peter and all the members, and of course THE FANS who have made it happen with votes, their time, money and energy.

Greetings David,
Thank you for your response. Yes there is a wonderful cover with a fox for the UK and US single of Run with the Fox…unfortunately I haven’t found one yet in decent condition.

As for the RARHOF I also hope they can come to some sort of agreement and appear together for the fans.

Mark Anthony K

Hello David ! Your book is THE reference for all things YES in my opinion; I would really love to see a 2002-2017 follow-up. You have left YES fans with a truly fantastic book.

As for the RRHOF, it never really mattered to me if they made it in or not; my love of YES is a personal thing. To see them get in only provides me with a reason to fly to NYC and see the “Union” version of YES together again (albeit perhaps for the last time….).

I have mixed feelings about the RRHOF, I mean the whole of Yes music is totally not where it belongs. However I’m sure as musicians they are pleased to be honored.I agree there are two many members to just have the Union group in.and again this gets back to really who said the others don’t belong?
I have never been to the RRHOF only because I really can’t support what it actually stands for, however if your into to that sort of thing hey go for it.
Chris Squire is and was so much more than a bass player he was one in a billion. I know that people can play bass but that is not what I’m talking about he was Yes more than any member I believe hands down and its a shame that he could not be here for this honor.

Now on a much happier note we still have so much Yes music to listen to and feel that I thank God above for letting us have this to enjoy!

God bless you all and a very Merry Christmas to all Yes fans!

Happy New Year great work Kevin and Mark outstanding job as always!


Greetings Paul,

Good to hear from you my friend. Very interesting to hear your opinions and views on the RARHOF. ..I totally understand where you are coming from..a lot of their selections leave a lot to be desired…but I am hoping everyone can put their differences aside for Chris and show some Yes unity. If just for the fans who have been making noise for them to get in for 20 years now.
Thank you for your kind words regarding the show…we have a lot of terrific plans for 2017 so you won’t want to miss a single episode. Thank you for your continued support and have a Merry Christmas.

Mark Anthony K

Love Run with the Fox. It was along with the 90124 tracks, one of the gems I had discoverer on the Yes Years box set back in 1991. Great arrangement, production, performance, and sentiment in the lyrics. A shame it wasn’t ever performed live as I think it would’ve translated well.

For those who enjoy a Prog band taking on the Christmas season with original compositions, I wholeheartedly recommend a song from “The Reasoning” (now defunct unfortunately) that back in 2014 put out a single call “Its Christmas”. Check it out on iTunes or whatever you like!

Greetings Fred,
Thanks for the song suggestion..I will check it out. As far as Run With the Fox. ..I totally agree. ..they could have performed it at shows in December. ..but then again…I could see Jon make some noise to play some 3 ships songs.

Thanks for your support.

Mark Anthony K

Interesting episode yet again.
Thanks Mark for the Fox review. I have to admit I’d never heard of it before Kevin’s mentioning it on the podcast some years ago. I have heard it once since then however it was nice to hear of its importance to you personally. That’s the beauty of music, it takes us to certain places and states of mind.
The hall of fame thing, as you know, does my head in. While I’m pleased for all the fans who yearned for it, I don’t understand the fuss. I disagree that Rick is in any way disrespecting the fans by holding to his moral standpoint. He didn’t ask to be in it so why should he feel obliged to cowtow to an organisation which he clearly feels is pointless. Surely Rick did and continues to do what he can for the fans by creating and performing music. Turning up for a ridiculous made up award has nothing to do with what Yes has been doing for nearly 50 years. The arbitrary choices of who that bunch of clowns think should be honoured is a joke. Were they at the Marquee club for the early years? What about the Ritual tour which was a tour de force? Drama was a bit of a departure but would Yes have continued without the Buggles thing?

Yes I am the skeptical old fart but I think I’m in good company.

Hello Jeremy,
Thank you for commenting. I’m actually surprised that you weren’t familiar with Run With the Fox earlier on….but it’s not exactly a popular song in their catalog.
It’s nice to hear that you liked my memories surrounding the song.

As for the RARHOF. . I can see you point of view…I guess it’s just something that has lost it appeal to Rick. I’m sure the fans will forgive him..but I think they would be overjoyed if he appears.


RRHOF: I’ve never cared whether Yes or anyone else is inducted or not. If it makes some Yes fans happy, then I’m happy for them. The RRHOF is a bunch of rich, record company insiders deciding who can be members of their club. It has nothing to do with the fans. Like the Academy Awards. The RocknRoll press has always been hositle to, or at best, dismissive of; Prog with particular distain for Yes and their type. That is why Yes has been shunned so far. Not sure why they decided to induct them now.

I’m seriously considering trying to get a ticket for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony when they go on sale. While I’m somewhat ambivalent about the “honour”, the opportunity to see a bunch of Yes members and alumni on the stage together as a one-off is perhaps something I shouldn’t miss.

Well if I was over there I would definitely do the same. Looking forward to 50th anniversary- maybe some guys will turn up there as well!

I have to side with Rick Wakeman concerning the Rock and Roll Crock of You-Know-What… so maybe he and I can go out for a beer that night… well, I guess he stopped drinking but it’d still be fun.

As for the demise of Prog, the first thought that struck me was that Jon is probably secretly thrilled at his new status of “Last the Prog Gods.”

Fair enough, Joseph. I’ll tag along if it’s in the UK. Interesting thought about Jon…but maybe more likely he would want everyone in the world to be a god of some sort…

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