Wow! Charity shop Yes goodies!

Just found Big Generator album and Leave It 12 inch single, both on vinyl at a charity shop in Stratford! I paid £1.90 for the two. Bargain of the year!

Cheap as chips!

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6 thoughts on “Wow! Charity shop Yes goodies!”

  1. I think I paid a lot more than that for those during the Thatcher/Reagan years! Best part of the “Leave It’ 12 inch is the acapella mix. Could make a case its better than the original.

    1. Indeed – I have never been much of a charity shopper – fully converted now! I also found a 7 inch single of something – can’t even remember what it was now – in a ‘real’ vintage record shop in Stratford. I didn’t buy it as it was £6.99 and without a proper sleeve.

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