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Total Rock Review DVD – Part 3 – 232

Looking forward to seeing this early Xmas present courtesy of Paul Caruana! Thank you! @yesofficial #prog #progrock
Courtesy of Paul Caruana!

I have finally managed to finish off the DVD this week – and it’s been very enjoyable. Mark investigates Conspiracy and we both mention the first anniversary of Chris Squire’s passing.

  • How does the story on the DVD finish?
  • What is Conspiracy like?
  • Are we still thinking about Chris Squire? Of course we are, one year on.

Listen to the episode then let me know what you think!

Show notes and links

Lobate Scarp’s Kickstarter

Jimmy Page with Yes!

Preston’s view of The Ancient – Giants Under the Sun

Eddie Jobson:


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2 replies on “Total Rock Review DVD – Part 3 – 232”

A little bit of trivia – I’m sure there are more knowledgeable guitarists out there who can flesh this out, but this week, in reference to the note on “Invention of Knowledge” Jon Anderson is credited as playing “Dobro” and Kevin wonders what it is.
I Dobro is a type of acoustic guitar which uses a metal resonator rather than a sound hole to amplify the sound of the strings. There are two mainstream manufacturers of resonator guitars, National and Dobro – now owned by Gibson. The sound is distinctive – slightly tinny with a sharper attack, quicker decay and a more “twang” than a “normal” acoustic. I think of the sound as somewhere between a guitar and a banjo.

It is particularly loved by bluegrass and blues musicians and can be equally well picked, strummed and used with a bottleneck.

A National guitar is featured on the iconic cover of Dire Straits’ “Brothers in Arms” album and features as the main acoustic guitar in “Romeo and Juliet” from that album.

On Invention of Knowledge the Dobro is heard both picked and strummed (I think) in the opening sections of “We are Truth”. It may also be used for the almost sitar like slide guitar sound, though this sounds a bit more “treated” to my ear.

Tim’s explanation of a Dobro guitar is spot on. I’m not a big fan of the sound of a Dobro but when it’s used in a rock blues based song…I find it enjoyable. “Bad Seamstress Blues” by Cinderella comes to mind.

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