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The Yes Music Podcast will return next week

It’s half term in the UK this week so there won’t be an episode. However, I have just received a review copy of the new Mabel Greer’s Toyshop album which I will be reviewing next week. Thanks for listening!

2 replies on “The Yes Music Podcast will return next week”

Hi Kevin: Looking forward to having you back, and I’ll be listening to this episode with interest, as I just discovered at this late stage in the game that MGT was the last evolution just prior to becoming Yes, in a bit of the way that the New Yardbirds was the last evolution just prior to becoming Led Zeppelin. But I’ll be honest, the episode I’m really looking forward to is when you tackle “Like It Is”, which I’ve just listened to carefully and watched the video of quite recently. I’m interested in your take on this. I was at the 3 album tour here in Las Vegas, NV, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. It’s just mind numbing to me that my favorite band from the 70’s is still actively touring and not just as a nostalgia act, but are in fact producing new music (Heaven and Earth/Fly From Here). Amazing. So….sorry for getting off topic. Looking forward to your Like It Is thoughts, but I’ll be patient. ;-). I have more to say on it, but I’ll post it under the appropriate episode when it happens. Hope all is going well.

Thanks Steve. Glad you are looking forward, like me, to finding out more about MGT. I am also keen to examine Like It Is, especially after recently looking at In the Present – so much fantastic Yes content to go through…so little time!

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