Billy Sherwood’s A Life in Yes Chris Squire Tribute Album – 360

A Life in Yes
A Life in Yes

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

This week we listen to Billy Sherwood’s excellent Chris Squire Tribute album, A life in Yes. We also discuss what Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman could have brought to that album if things had been very different – which is a topic suggested by Steven Shinder and not Daniel Krohn as I say later on in the episode – sorry Steven.

  • Who is on this collection?
  • How do the versions sound?
  • Is it a fitting tribute to Chris Squire?

Listen to the episode then let us know what you think!

Musicology analysis of the cover songs made by Yes, specifically Every Little Thing – spotted by José David.

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