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R.I.P. Alan White, Yes’ stalwart drummer throughout decades of Perpetual Change – 535

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius and Wayne Hall

Next week’s YMP episode will be a proper tribute to Alan White so please add your contributions in the comments section below.

This week, rather than a ‘standard’ episode we thought it would be appropriate to re-play our interview with Alan from January 2020. He was in fine form, as always and it was a joy to speak to him.

‘Legendary’ is an entirely apt description of this true gentleman, extraordinary musician and friend to all he encountered. R.I.P. Alan.

Original interview episode show notes:

Mark and I have ticked off another of our top ambitions on the podcast by speaking to Yes drum legend, Alan White. We cover a number of different topics and Alan is absolutely delightful, as I’m sure you know.

For the first time in ages, I also managed to do a news catch-up which features a few highlights from around the social webs in recent days and/or weeks and do listen out for a couple of new items. I hope you enjoy the whole episode!

  • What did Alan think of From A Page?
  • What is Alan’s favourite Yes album??
  • What is Relayer going to be like to play live in 2020?
Alan White from the Ramshackled album

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think.

2 replies on “R.I.P. Alan White, Yes’ stalwart drummer throughout decades of Perpetual Change – 535”

Wonderful interview and one that, even without Thursday’s desperately sad news, would be poignant enough, given what transpired just a few weeks later.

How I think I will always remember Alan is circa the UK Relayer tour (not coincidentally my first experience of Yes on stage), sat high above his toms, bearded, white singlet, hair thrown back, huge grin on his face, loving life, every inch the rock star, beaters in hand, driving the band through this hugely complex music with extraordinary skill and seemingly boundless joy.


Good interview, and a fitting initial tribute. You got beyond some of the great man’s usual responses to the plethora of media interviews he’s done over the years. It will be interesting to see if any of the private tapes Alan refers to ever surface. No doubt there’s good material in there, but it would need careful and respectful curating. But it’s clear that he was in principle willing for at least some of it to be made available. That’s all down to the estate, management and licensing, I guess.

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