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From A Page, the new Yes Album – our views – 405

From A Page
The new Yes album – From A Page

Produced by Jeffrey Crecelius, Wayne Hall, Preston Frazier and Bill Govier

This week Mark and I give our in-depth view of the new Yes album (or EP if you prefer), From A Page.

After our fantastic interview with Oliver Wakeman last week, it was even more interesting to listen carefully to the music he talked so engaging about.

We also have a copy of the CD mini box set to give away, courtesy of Sharon at The Publicity Connection, and the winner is revealed in this episode!

Photo from Nick Moyart

The mini-box set and a vinyl release of the new songs are exclusively available here:

  • Does this stand up as a ‘real’ Yes album?
  • Does it feel finished?
  • Is this ‘proper’ Yes music?

Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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Show notes and links:

Photographs from Nick Moyart’s visit to the amazing Roger Dean Exhibition at Trading Boundaries:

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  • Jeffrey Crecelius
  • Preston Frazier
  • Bill Govier and
  • Wayne Hall


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Robert and David

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Theme music

The music I use is the last movement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. This has been used as introduction music at many Yes concerts. My theme music is not take from a live concert – I put it together from the following two creative commons sources: thanvannispen and

7 replies on “From A Page, the new Yes Album – our views – 405”

Did anyone else find it hilarious that, in a week where we saw Rick Wakeman jamming with “Derek Smalls,” Mark decides to turn his rating scale up to eleven?

Also, Mark, you might want to reconsider the math when it’s “100% of 5,000 vs. 1% of one million.”

Just sayin’

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your comment. The 11 comment was completely coincidence. for my 100% vs 1% comment…yeah I screwed up the numbers a little…but I think you get my point….better to own the music and get all the profit then give up the rights to a label and get peanuts.

I agree about the quality of the music, and the entire package is first rate with the booklets, the 2 Roger paintings, the production. I understand those who have been harping about not being able to get just the new songs separately, but it does tie in with the Lyon concert recording, and I don’t have a problem supporting the band by getting the bundle, as a vinyl fan & collector for 50 years (even though I got an advance digital file a week before release thanks to my Yes friends). I knew about this release 3 months ago but have learned to keep a secret when it comes to Yes & related activities. I can say that you will all love the upcoming Yes concert & BBC archive set!

YesOfficial and Oliver Wakeman have both uploaded the official video for the single edit version of “To The Moment” on YouTube. There’s also an audio only version of the unedited song – which is FANTASTIC! I want them to include this in their set on the next tour! What a great song!

I’m really enjoying the album as well, and I’m listening to it right now. I got it on vinyl, so I didn’t have to purchase Live in Lyon again (the last live item of Yes I’ve bought as I’ve had it up to here with live releases from them). The cover is beautiful too. I wasn’t even sure it was Benoit singing on the last track on side 1, that’s how different he sounds.

I just wanted to comment on the Kitaro album Jon Anderson did. I’m a huge fan of Kitaro’s early stuff (1978 – 1993) up until the album he did for the Oliver Stone Vietnam movie that tanked, Heaven & Earth (ring any bells?) I still remember when the owner of the local record store told me: “Oh yeah, Kitaro is coming out with a new album, and Jon Anderson is on it.” I was at that point a huge Yes fan as well, and did a double take.

Jon and Kitaro toured that album as well, in the US & Japan (Kitaro’s biggest markets). Since I live in Norway I never got to see it, but I have recordings of some of the gigs. They even did some Jon & Vangelis songs, like State of Independence, I’ll find My Way Home and I Hear You Now.

Really really enjoyed this podcast guys. I adore this new album and although I enjoy contrary opinions that challenge my perspective, you entirely echoed my own thoughts on this wonderful new/old material. A superb follow-up to Oliver’s interview!

The new songs are really great. I’d love to hear this version of the band pay some tribute to Benoit and Oliver (and of course Chris) by playing one of the songs live. FWIW, I think To the Moment would be exciting to hear. And as a latecomer to live in Lyon, I am loving the sound of the band. But hearing Benoit sing makes me cringe — not because of his singing itself, which is very good, but because I can’t help thinking in hindsight of what he was doing to his voice ….

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