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Help us name the YMP Trivia Cards!

We are hoping to release the Trivia Cards next month (September 2020) but we still need to choose a great name for them.

The YMP Patrons have come up with some brilliant alternatives but now it’s time for you to vote for your favourites from the shortlist below.

In case you haven’t heard, the game is going to be more than just a trivia quiz – it will be a chance for you to create your own fantasy lineup of Yes to record the next album – disregarding time, space and politics!

You can vote for up to three names so please get involved! The poll closes on Friday 4th September.

Thanks for your help.

What should we call the YMP Trivia Game? You have 3 votes - choose 3 of the answers below:
Artist’s impression

4 replies on “Help us name the YMP Trivia Cards!”

Thank you chaps for your very insightful review.

A few years ago I sadly got rid of a number of Rick related cassettes and CDs including this one as I never played it more than once and to be honest I was not that impressed. I actually saw Wakeman with Wakeman in concert I think it was a private show organised by the Classic Rock Society back in the 1990s but I cannot remember..I have checked my diaries from the time and there is no mention of the show. Perhaps one of your listeners could remind me when this was. Rick has had a number of periods where his musical output has been …questionable…over the years..both in studio and live. I remember seeing The Gospels at Gloucester Cathedral in 1987/8 etc….whilst I have no problem with the libretto and sentiment..the music was rather lacking. I also have memories of numerous solo shows where he used various dated technologies for drums bass etc which I and friends did not enjoy. I have relistened to this album today and your comments are correct. Obviously Rick is a great pianist, moog etc player but I think he needs someone to keep a check on his musical output. Mark is correct financial reasons may have dictated the output at the time. I have not yet heard The Red Planet but am looking forward to it. Maybe I am becoming a grumpy old man but I was not that impressed with Steve’s Love Is sounded like Heaven and Earth cast offs…and I pretty much like every Howe solo album. Well that is my two pence worth.
Best wishes

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